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Rabu, 08 Agustus 2012

a twist in my story

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slow down , the world isn't watching us break down
it's safe to say we are alone now
not a whis per , the only noise is the reciever
i'm counting the seconds until you break the silence
so please just break the silence
the whisper turn to shouting
the shouting turn to tears
your tears turn into laughter
and it takes away our fears
so you see , this world doesn't matter to me
i;ll give up all ihad just to breathe
the same air as you till the day that i die
i can't take my eyes off of you
and i'm longing , for words to describe how i'm filling
i'm filling inspired
my world judt flip turn upside down
it turns around say what's that sound
it's my heart beat ,it's getting much louder
my heart beat , is stronger tahn ever
i'm filling so alive
i'mi finally waking up , a twist in my story
it's time i open up , and let your love right through me
that's what you get 
when you see your life in someone else's eyes
that's waht you get
so you see , this world doesen't matter to me
i'll give up all i had just to breath
the same air as you till the day that i die
i can;t take my eyes off of you

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