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Rabu, 08 Agustus 2012

to die for

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She's to die for,
A little murder on the dance floor calls her name
A little further to his heart she holds the flame
She is still so unsure, she always leaves him wanting more
You let me down but I can't let this go now
She is dressed to kill
And he is to die for
She knows he would kill
Just to hold her on the dance floor
So do we dare to take this dance
Coz I'm willing to take the chance
And tonight could be the night baby
Just take my hand I swear we'll make it right
And he's to die for,
A little heartache in the shape of a girl
His little heart shaped box just waiting to be filled
She knows what she came for, she always leaves him wanting more
You let me down but I can't let this go now
time to turn it round again
But she's too caught up in moves
And the moonlight plays so soft on her skin
And she's singing, he's sinking-it's the sweetest sin
Oh the state that she has got him in
But she, she's too
Caught up in moves to even notice you
And she's singing, she's swinging her hips
He keeps saying and praying
That one day he will know her lips
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